Recording facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland | SSL 4032 G/G+ console | Monitoring by sE Munro, Genelec and Yamaha | Outboard by API, Chandler and Universal Audio | Microphones by Coles, Neumann, AKG and sE | EMT 140 plate reverb | Various tape echoes, fuzz boxes, effects and much more..

Start Together provides world-class recording facilities in Belfast city for all genres of music. We have a vast collection of modern & vintage recording equipment, instruments & amplifiers for musicians to use on their recordings.

We record albums, singles, EPs, television performances, national radio sessions, many projects for independent & major labels and publishers as well as singles for new and breaking artists.

We are dedicated to helping new artists, offering them the opportunity to make great records in Belfast. We’re deeply involved in developing new music and helping musicians achieve their dream recordings.